An Uji Treasure


An Uji Treasure

Shimizu-ya is artisanal matcha from an ancient section of Uji, and nestled alongside the ruin of an 11th Century villa retreat for the Noble Classes.

Shimizu-ya matcha comes from small tea fields, shaded from sun (honzu-saibai) in the final stages to ensure heightened natural flavor and color.  Always hand-harvested, the tea is pinched off leaf by leaf, by traditional harvesters (tsumi-ko) who have worked the Shimizu-ya fields for generations.  Shimizu-ya matcha comes only from trees dedicated to single-harvest yield (ichi-ban cha), so the tea tree, roots, and ground are rested for maximal re-generation to ensure an exquisite flavor in next year’s single-harvest yield.  (Most tea farms harvest four times per year.) 

The process requires dedication, intense labor, and time, and Shimizu-ya never compromises. 

The result is a limited batch of the highest quality Uji-cha.